Create unique spaces in your garden with planter boxes.

Published: 30th July 2010
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When designing a garden space picture the use and flow of each area. How will I guide my guests thru the garden? How will I define gathering spaces? How can I define my garden so it feels like a collection of unique rooms or spaces? Garden Designer Curt Roland offers one easy solution - planter boxes and containers.

Guide guests down a path.

When walking down a hallway in a house, there is a sense of path. By lining a pathway in a garden with tall planter boxes, the sense of path is highlighted. The same sense of path can be created by using medium size planter boxes will large plants. The height of the planter and its plant can, if desired, create a visual screen and a sense of enclosure in the same way a wall and ceiling screens the space outside the hallway.

Consider using varying height planters down the pathway. This visual effect creates interest in what is ahead. Think of the pathway as a transition from one discreet area of your garden to another.

Hallways lead to rooms - paths lead to discreet garden spaces.

Some rooms have a collection of similar looking furniture. Some rooms have a wide range of styles and textures. Rooms have wall and corners. Create the same effect in garden rooms. Define the boundaries of the space with prominent objects. "As long as you define the space with these prominent objects like planter boxes, it will feel more like a unique space, "says Curt. "You get the sense of defined space with strong corner objects."

Combining varying shapes and colors of planter boxes create an eclectic feel to a space. Clean, crisp lines of square or rectangular planter boxes create a bold, modern feel. An established, rustic feel can be created with weathering steel planters (weathering steel is also known as cor-ten steel).

How should the garden room feel?

Soft, smooth, quite? Formal, structured, proper? Natural, loose, flowing? The planter box -plant combination picked for the garden room defines the feel. This is one of the best benefits of using planter boxes for garden rooms. Each plant gets its ideal soil, fertilizer, watering regimen and sunlight requirements. With planter boxes it is easy to combine different textures, shapes and colors throughout your special garden room. Much like an impressive furniture piece, you can highlight your garden room with a spectacular plant and planter combination with strong form, shape, color or texture.

"I like spaces in gardens that are well defined by use", says Curt. "Creating a place around a fire pit or seating area creates a gathering place for friends and family. By combining the elements of texture, size, color and defined space, you create a comfortable, inviting area in your garden oasis."

Here is the best part about planter boxes.

If you don't like how they look or feel, rearrange the planter boxes or change out the vegetation. Since most planter boxes are movable, you can easily reorganize the look of the garden space. Adding seasonal color is a snap. Make use you use plants that are suitable for your climate and pick high quality plants and planter boxes.

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